Protect Your Family
with Bullet-Proof Backpack Inserts

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Would you spend $39 for peace of mind??
Savior Shield Inserts are made from lightweight bulletproof material

These lightweight bullet proof inserts easily slide in a backpack and are highly effective. Just put the insert inside a backpack with books and the SaviorShield will protect your child. SaviorShield can also be put in briefcases, luggage, etc.

Just about all caliber of bullets have been tested on the SaviorShield. If you are in a situation where you need SaviorShield, grab your backpack, put it in front of your vital body parts and you will be protected. If you are running away, simply put on your back as usual. Never stay in a situation and take gunfire. If at all possible run away and hide. SaviorShield is designed to stop random gun fire when you can’t hide.

While we don’t like to think about being in a situation where we need SaviorShield, it is better to have one and never use it than be caught unprepared in a situation where it is needed. SaviorShield offers level 1 protection, add a few books and it will be even better.

  • In our standard bullet proof products, we offer level 1-8 protection. Special orders are available in higher levels.
  • All products are non toxic materials – no formaldehyde
  • The SaviorShield is made of multiple layers of ballistic grade material impregnated with a strong interior ballistic material and compressed into flat ridged sheets
  • The production technique and materials used provide the controlled internal delamination to permit the capture of a penetrating projectile
  • All products are UL 752
  • All products are rated by the national institute of ballistic standards
  • Product dimensions are 12 inches by 12 inches and will stop 9mm weight 2.6lb standard series lbs bullets

SaviorShield bulletproof inserts will fit in backpack with books. Larger sizes are available for larger backpacks. We will also create custom size bullet proof inserts.

For schools we offer larger pieces for the back of dry-erase boards and blackboards. The school maintenance team can install them.